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2021-22 Board Members

Jennifer Dickinson, President

Dawn Trembath, Director

Lauren Booser, VP

Heather Lancina, Treasurer

Kelly Gowen, Assistant Treasurer

Ashley Robinson, Marketing

Ashley Robinson, Forms

Rachel Shannon, Secretary

Allison Krcatovich, Fundraising






​Welcome to our Forms page!

Notice to All Employees and Volunteers 

Northville Cooperative Preschool (NCP) requires comprehensive background checks on all employees and unsupervised volunteers. Pursuant to section 5n of the act, MCL 722.115n, before an individual has unsupervised contact with children, the department shall determine the individual's eligibility to be any of the following: a) a licensee; b) a licensee designee; c) a child care staff member; d) a child care aide; or e) an unsupervised volunteer. 


At NCP, adult volunteers are considered supervised volunteers, supervised by the staff. Any person(s) registered with the Public Sex Offender Registry (PSOR) or otherwise in violation of DHS Clearance are prohibited from having contact with any child in care. All staff and volunteers are required by law to report suspected abuse and / or neglect to children's protective services immediately.

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