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Our Classes

At the Northville Cooperative Preschool, we believe in developing the whole child by meeting their social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs so that they can learn and grow every day. We offer early education programs designed for each age group:


Our 2-year-old program is designed to introduce children to basic socialization and readiness learning. This method offers an integrated approach to learning that incorporates visual, auditory and hands-on, age-appropriate activities.​ The lesson plans utilize a theme-based approach to allow the children to make connections between themselves and the world around them. In addition, we weave counting, letters, colors and shapes into our lessons, which provide children with a basic introduction to math, literacy and science concepts, and language development.


Our 3-year-old class provides children with many opportunities to play and explore the world around them. In this class, children will explore a variety of materials (play dough, building blocks and Legos) and enjoy our dramatic play area and sand table activities.​ Through these structured activities and independent exploration, the children will be able to develop early mathematics, literacy and social skills.


Our Pre K program is designed to help children develop the skills they need to get ready for kindergarten. In this program, children will expand their learning of basic math and literacy concepts.




Science Enrichment

The Science Enrichment program offers children the ability to learn basic scientific facts in a fun and age-appropriate environment. They learn about dinosaurs and fossils, magnets, the solar system, animals and much more. The program is designed to help them develop their measuring, predicting, observing and classifying skills. This program provides a jump start to their interest in the scientific world.

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