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Our Learning Environment

Our classrooms are safe and nurturing environments that provide many learning opportunities through children’s hands-on play and exploration. Our teachers provide activities to engage children and promote growth in all areas of development.

Our curriculum addresses age-appropriate development in the following areas:

Social Development

- Improve communication skills with peers and adults
- Develop problem-solving and conflict resolution skills
- Manage transitions and follow routines
- Learn to follow simple, clear, consistent directions and rules
- Practice sharing, taking turns, cleaning up and cooperating
- Become more independent
- Grow in confidence

- Form friendships

Creative Development

- Use their own ideas to draw, paint, mold and build with a variety of materials
- Participate in musical activities
- Use dramatic play to explore different ideas and roles
- Encourage imagination

Language and Literacy

- Letter recognition (upper and lower case)
- Letter sounds
- Story telling
- Recognize words from their environment
- Play activities with words (rhyming, finger plays, songs)
- Encourage to read and write their name
- Improve listening, comprehension and communication skills


- Compare, classify and sort
- Graph collected information
- Recognize and create patterns and relationships
- Use tools of measurement (length, height, weight)
- Understand the calendar
- Expand problem-solving skills
- Develop an interest in numbers and counting
- Count objects with one-to-one correspondence


- Develop a wonder and curiosity about their world
- Explore nature and the environment
- Observe, measure, compare and predict simple experiments
- Develop an awareness of living and non-living things

Fine Motor Development

- Use small muscles
- Use scissors, pencils, markers, eyedroppers, paintbrushes, stencils, puzzles and woodworking tools
- Practice tracing, writing, cutting and lacing
- Dress and prepare for outside play (mastering zippers, buttons, boots and mittens)


Gross Motor Development​

- Use large muscles
- Participate in games and other forms of exercise



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